Price List

We charge based on time booked and the skill level of the RMT.

Single Sessions

Sessions and Prices (GST included) Prices in Effect as of Jan. 1, 2024.

Session Length

30 Minute Session
45 Minute Session
60 Minute Session
75 Minute Session
90 Minute Session
120 Minute Session





VAC members will receive the RMT prices

MVA Direct Billing – add $5.00
Hot Stones Therapy – add $20.00

Note: Medical history and assessment are mandatory on the first appointment, therefore 60 minutes is recommended for the initial massage session.

PrePaid Packages

Buy 5 at once and Save (Prices include GST)

Session Length

Five 45 Min. Sessions
Five 60 Min. Sessions
Five 75 Min. Sessions
Five 90 Min. Sessions

(Pkg A) RMT

$370.00 (5 at $74)
$475.00 (5 at $95)
$545.00 (5 at $109)
$635.00 (5 at $127)

(Pkg B) Alida

$415.00 (5 at $83)
$525.00 (5 at $105)
$595.00 (5 at $119)
$685.00 (5 at $137)


Gift Certificates are also available. 

* Packages cannot be shared between (Pkg A) RMT and (Pkg B) Alida

MVA Claims Step by Step

MV-A (Motor Vehicle Accident) claims are accepted at Medi Massage.   If you were involved in an auto accident and have obtained bodily injuries you have 10 days to make a claim to your insurance company. The Insurance company will tell you to see your Primary Health Care Provider (Doctor, Physiotherapist/Chiropractor). At that time speak to your PHCP about receiving massage at the same time during the 10 or 21 treatments.   Once the 90 days are up you are entitled up to 5 massage treatments totalling $250.   Massage therapy may benefit you greatly during this recover period. A copy of the AB1/AB2 needs to be kept in your file – please ask your PHCP for this.

Direct Billing

We provide the service of Direct Billing to 3rd party insurance such as MVA claims and VAC (Pensioners and Dual card holders only) and for your convenience we also do Direct Online Billing to the following companies: